How To Lay Line Marking Tapes

1. Lay out court dimensions, first establishing the center line between net posts. Locate points A and B 18′-0″ from center point C.

2. Using A as pivot point, swing arc 39′-0″ to establish points 1 and 4. Also, swing arc 53′- 0 7/8″ to establish points 2 and 3.

3. Using B as pivot point, cross 39′-0″ arc at points 2 and 3. Also, cross arc 53′-0 7/8″ at points 1 and 4.

4. The corners formed by the crossing of arcs at 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the outside corners of the court marking lines.

5. From these points, lay side lines and base lines. The interior lines can then be laid according to standard tennis court dimensions.

6. To assure straight and tight tapes, start by stretching a mason’s line from points 1 to 4; 4 to 3; 3 to 2; then 2 to 1. The line should be firmly anchored at the corners using tape line nails. Three to four nails are required for each end of the line.

7. At approximately 20′- 0″.centers, drive a nail at the outside of the line, anchoring the line with the nail head.

8. Starting at corner 1, lay out tape to corner 4. Anchor end of tape at 1 with eight to ten nails in holes punched in tapes. At 4, roll out tape three to four feet beyond corner and pull tape tight and anchor with nails.

9. After the corners are anchored, place a nail in tape opposite the line-anchor nail, making sure the tape is almost against, but not touching line. Align tape to mason’s line and nail at about 2′-0″ centers. Then proceed with nailing at 3″ centers in holes provided in tape.

10. Repeat above procedure until all tapes are in place. Do not omit 6″ long center tape in baseline.

11. Snapping the chalk line can also be used in lieu of steps 6-7-8. A mason’s line with either blue or white chalk can be used, holding both ends of the line and snapping from the center. Do not attempt to snap any single line longer than 40 feet. In other words, the side lines should be snapped in two operations. Using the resulting line 1 as a guide, place the tapes as in Step 9.

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