How To Install Tennis Net Posts

1. When installing tennis net posts, make sure they will rest no higher than 1″ above the tennis net cord, at a height of about 3′- 6″ above the tennis court surface. The footings should be a minimum of 3′- 6″ below surface or to the frost depth of your area. (See diagram)

2. Place footings so that the center line of the tennis net posts will be 3′ outside the court on each side.

3. The center lines of tennis net posts should be positioned 42′ apart for Doubles court and 33′ apart for Singles court. Post sleeves are recommended because they allow easy removal of the posts for resurfacing, maintenance, post repair/replacement, and alternate uses of the court.

4. During the off season or when winterizing, it is best to remove the tennis net posts and plug the sleeves with sleeve covers to prevent moisture and dirt from falling in.

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