How To Choose A Tennis Net

The type of tennis net you choose depends on frequency of use, the length of your playing season and the type of tennis court surface. Tennis courts with heavy usage and/or long playing seasons need a tennis net that will last and look good continuously.

The best tennis nets are made of braided net cord and typically have double the mesh at the top six rows, side pockets for hickory or fiberglass dowels (that help hold the tennis net taut) and vinyl-coated steel cables. Braided tennis nets are better than twisted because they’re stronger and absorb more energy, so when a ball hits the net it drops closer to the tennis net instead of rebounding off it. Polyethylene makes a good tennis net material because it is resistant to fading from UV radiation and weathers well.

Headbands are usually vinyl or polyester duck, often with double layers and four rows of lock stitching to hold the layers together. The type of tennis court surface as well as personal preference dictates which headband is appropriate. Tennis nets with polyester duck headbands are better for hard courts than for soft courts, where surface material can easily stick to and stain the fabric. Vinyl headbands are more common on soft courts because they’re easier to clean and more dirt resistant. However, balls can tend to skid wildly off vinyl headbands, which is less likely with a duck headband because the duck material absorbs the ball’s energy and doesn’t speed up the ball

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