Fence Screen Measuring Tips

It is very important to be very specific in making custom fence screen measurements. One cannot take too many notes and be too detailed when making measurements. The following tips are suggestions to help you in your measurement process.

1. For accurate measurements, make sure that the tape measure is stretched tight so that there is not any slack in the tape.

2. When possible, try to keep fence screen panels at a maximum of 60 feet in width. This allows for easier handling and installation.

3. Do NOT round off measurements. Send all measurements in feet and inches.

4. Do NOT assume two fences are the same size. Measure every fence just to be safe.

5. Make all measurements at site when possible rather than from drawings.

6. Make note of each measurement immediately. Do not make multiple measurements before writing them down.

7. Draw a rough sketch of the court to list your measurements. Match your measurements to the appropriate part of the drawing. This allows for a visual decreasing any chance of error.

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